Many people don’t know that in order to function to their best capacity, their bodies may require dietary supplements like vitamins, minerals & amino acids.  Modern eating habits and depletion of our food and soil quality has taken its toll, and when combined with other environmental factors, many of us are tired, stressed and under functioning – where we could be doing better.

When a child is experiencing health challenges, supplements can be of huge benefit. Supplements can calm you down, help you sleep, give you energy & help you think more clearly.  I’ve written extensively about how supplements relate to early childhood in Naturally Better, and how we can help boost our children’s immune systems and even brain function through the use of supplements.

Targeted Nutritional Intervention is a recognized form of therapy for children with Down syndrome. But the act of intervening through nutrition to target a specific health concern is, of course, not something used only for Downs. It can be beneficial for anyone of any age, and may address conditions as mild as irritability or skin rashes.

Nutritionists and other practitioners tailor nutritional programs for people all the time. Did you know for example that there is a supplement on the market here in Australia which can specifically address the following:








All of this from just one of the great tasting supplements we gave our son for much of his early years.

Here is an extract from an email I received recently from a happy parent:

My daughter has ASD. Since taking the supplements her behaviours and speech have improved so much that it has been noticed by the Kindy and Speech pathologist. It’s wonderful to see her progressing and interacting more.

CL, Adelaide, South Australia

Within my book, Naturally Better,  I explain in detail, the array of supplements we have used for our son, along with the extensive catalogue of other alternative therapies we have used.  The book explains – in laymans terms – how these supplements relate to brain function, boosting the immune system, etc.

Supplements are vitamins and minerals, etc, which are produced naturally in order to ‘supplement’ the bodies needs – needs which are perhaps not being met just by food intake.  In our modern world, with so many of our foods being highly processed and therefore low in nutritional value, many of us are in fact in desperate need of supplements.  This deficiency – or malnourishment – can result in behaviour problems in any child.

Nutrition and diet are important factors for all people, but for children with a disability or neurological challenge – such as Autism, they can make a massive difference to functionality and quality of life.

We had our son on a targetted nutrition program from birth, including many supplements prescribed by our Naturopath.  On one memorable day, he was being very argumentative, stubborn and disobedient.  In front of my daughters, I was telling my husband how frustrated I was by this new, unpleasant behaviour; my daughter –  11 years old at the time said ‘Haven’t you just run out of his protein powder?’  This was a fabulous product, boosted with all sorts of supplements targetting behaviour and brain function, and sure enough, I had run out just a few days before as the product had been discontinued – my daughter was right, without this product our son’s behaviour was awful!

We have since found a substitute product which is working a treat, but what an important lesson.

Our Online Store stocks a small range of supplements to help parents get started with a supplement program – wherever they are in the world. Many parents over the years have approached me asking where they can buy various products and some countries don’t have even the most basic supplements available at all. So we stock a small number of non-practitioner supplements including the following:

These do what no vitamin, mineral, amino acid or herb can do. They help nourish, control and support every cell in your body.  Glyconutrients allow your cells to communicate the way they should & help support your body’s immune system, allowing your cells to send and translate messages to each other.  Cells can then communicate clearly and operate efficiently.  The result is improved energy and wellness.

You can read more about Glyconutrients in this extract from Naturally Better.

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  1. Just curiouse about the protien powder you are using, I’ve been considering doing this myself for Isaac.
    Isaac was very ill for two months and he did not grow at all during the two plus an extra month to pick himself up. So u can imagine my stress levels. Would luv to get some info.
    Thank you

  2. My son one month old and he has down syndrome. I’d like to buy supplements like Kristen gave to Gryffin. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. How can i get/buy the supplements?

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