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We frequently receive emails from parents who are noticing improvements in their children using therapies described in Naturally Better. Methods, such as Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, NAET etc.

Here are just some of the success stories – the ones which parents have agreed to let us publish. We fully respect that some parents do not wish to share their successes, but for the benefit of others, here are some inspiring stories of hope.

If you have a story you would like to share, send an email.

The Osteopathic method discussed here and in my book involves very gentle work on the plates of the skull. Osteopathic technique varies from country to country. Those who are looking for an Osteopath or a Chiropractor are best to ask if the practitioner has done this kind of work with children, as there are several different approaches. In USA, for example, the Osteopathic method required is referred to as OMT – Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, but again make sure the practitioner has done cranial work with kids.


My heart stops for just a second when I open my email to find something like this, which arrived this morning. Thank you so much to this Mum who generously shares her story about her son:

Having read Naturally Better from start to finish two days after it had arrived, I was keen to get started on whatever form of treatment I could lay my hands on for my precious 1 year old. First on my list was the Osteopath and it just happened that I was able to schedule an appointment a day before the scheduled ABR to test his hearing in the left ear. The Osteopath was supportive of my decision to try his services and was aware of Kristen’s writing and had treated quite a few other children with Down Syndrome.

Well, as I sat there watching curiously, I wondered just what was happening to my little one as he cradled his head and neck in his palms. I queried, “What can you feel?” He informed me of the tightness in the right hand side as well as the left and talked about clearing the blockages.

A 1/2 hour passed and he was finished. We scheduled another 4 lots of treatments on a fortnightly basis to be timed with my visits to Brisbane and I left with plans to come back on the Friday for the next treatment before I left the city to return home.

The next day, to the utter surprise of the audiologists and myself, Beni passed on the left with hearing at 40 decibels. It was amazing and unbelievable as he had failed the test twice before and had been sporting a hearing aid for the last 9 months.

So now, rather than being on the Cochlear Implant program which would have lead to a very invasive surgery and a lifetime of wearing permanent aids, we are looking forward to a more holistic approach including a focus on diet, nutritional supplements, and Osteopathic treatments as required. Next on the lists is the homeopathy.

I am indebted to my Disability Services officer who presented me with Kristen’s book the first day I met her and ‘naturally’ Kristen who has, through her own pursuit of her son’s health and well being, managed to provide us with a guide to help us along the way.

Beni has been attending a local Early Learning Childhood Centre and his teachers noticed a dramatic difference the next week when he turned up without his hearing aids, they were totally amazed and confirmed that he was more responsive and alert and turned consistently when they called to him, he was even babbling away to his friends – the difference was remarkable.

Before the treatment, Beni was moderate to severely deaf in the left ear and severe to profoundly deaf in the right. After the treatment he passed on the left and no longer requires the hearing aid. He will be tested on the right again in the next few months. Fingers crossed the treatments will help with the tightness and blockages in the right as well.

We are ever so grateful for finding a little piece of the puzzle to help him make connections.
Thankyou Kristen. ~ Julianne (Beni’s Mum)

Eddy is a father in Jakarta who has helped his son with glyconutrients and NAET. Click here to read Eddy’s story.


About a month ago I received an email from a mother who had read my book and wanted some help with her son, Lester – 8 months old.  Lianne had been told that Lester would have to have his adenoids out to relieve constant ’stuffiness’ and trouble breathing at night. At only 8 months old, Lianne was concerned this was too early for such a major operation and was looking for some natural alternatives.

Based on experiences with my son, I told Lianne what I would do, as did a couple of the other parents who have read my book and are taking the natural approach.

The last thing Lianne tried was a visit to an Osteopath. With Lianne’s permission, I’m quoting from her email to me and I hope it can help other families too!

Tuesday was a bit of a whirlwind. It was bizarre as it felt like we drove down for 3hrs and drove back for 3hrs just for someone (actually in my fatigued mind I used the word fruit loop) to put their hands on Lesters head for 30 mins. We walked out feeling kinda bemused about the whole ordeal. On the drive home I was thinking -well we had to do it- otherwise I would have always wondered if I should have taken him and missed out on an opportunity- that would be have been worse.

During the evening I checked on Lester as I usually do and was amazed. Actually to be truthful I panicked as I couldn’t hear any snoring or heaving snuffly breathing. I put my hand over his nose and he was breathing -like a well baby- not like a piggy wiggy. I was amazed in the whole 9 months I have never seen Lester sleep so quietly and peacefully!

The next morning he was a little snuffly but there was a definite improvement. I don’t know how or completely understand the treatment- but it has without a doubt – worked!

The letter came in from the hospital today- to get Lesters adenoids out in 3 weeks. I have been losing sleep over this decision. I mean the Docs havent even xrayed him- how do they know this is what is making him snuffly? My doubts are due to the fact that the Doc said they were only going to do it because we had to operate for grommets anyway so may as well take them out- now he dosent need that op- yet they still want to operate ????
I cant find a good Doc for a second opinion- after countless calls they all say he has DS therefore he needs the op. Thats like saying I am female therefore I like to shop!

We have decided to postpone the Op- God I hope we are making the right decision. Im going to go with what my instincts are telling me- they havent been wrong yet.

Lianne, thank you so much for letting me share this. I just feel it is so important for other parents to read what is possible so they can make informed choices for their children. And well done Lester!!

NB. The Osteopathic method we used includes Cranial Sacral Therapy, which is very gentle work on the plates in the skull. If you are looking for an Osteo or a Chiropractor, best ask if they have done this kind of work with children, as there are several different approaches. In USA, the Osteopathic method required is referred to as OMT – Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, but again make sure they have done cranial work with kids.

Lucas memorised a map of the USA at only 3 years old. Click here.

This email came to me from a mother who lives here in Melbourne and was fortunate enough to be able to take her son to the same practitioner we used for our little boy. NAET is one of the modalities we used for Gryffin which had profound and often very rapid effects.

My book explains in detail how and why we used NAET for Gryffin, and it also explains in laymans terms how NAET works to address different parts of the body.

Huge thanks to Nicole for sharing this story and for allowing me to publish it. And congratulations Max!

“Max started stuttering due to quite a traumatic event. He couldn’t even get one word out, and would eventually give up and cover his mouth to stop the repetitions.  It was terrible to watch and very stressful for all of us especially Max. We took Max to see Maria for some NAET treatments and this played a huge role in pulling him out of it.  Every time we visited her he was immediately better than before. Back on track now after about 7 weeks so pretty quick recovery, considering he couldn’t even speak one word without stuttering and then he would just give up. We did use other treatments as well, but I have to say the NAET treatments had a massive impact on him and I don’t believe he would have come through this without it.” Nicole, Melbourne

Not everyone who reads my book has a child with Down syndrome. But in the case of one Melbourne mother, having read the book some time ago came in handy a few weeks ago.

When this mother welcomed baby #3 in early January, she and her partner were shocked to discover that their newborn baby had a heart defect, and Down syndrome. Having read Naturally Better, they made contact with me within the first few days and asked what I would do first. One of my first suggestions was of course supplementation – most particularly glyconutrients, and urgently, because the baby was in ICU, awaiting possible surgery. I had read stories about children whose heart conditions improved with supplementation, especially with glyconutrients. That together with our experience with Gryffin’s heart had me convinced this was important for baby Jacinta.

Reviewing the book, Jacinta’s parents also decided they needed to get pro-active with NAET – quickly. And they did.

Jacinta’s parents generously share this story today – another of so many success stories of children following this natural therapy path. Well done team xxx kristen

“Jacinta is three weeks old today. At birth, due to her Down’s Syndrome she had a heart defect and when the specialist cardiologist gave her a scan he also found her aorta was narrowed in a couple of places. He started talking about immediate surgery if it got worse. Needless to say, we were not keen to have our 2-3 week old given major surgery!!
We got Maria to address this straight away and she came to the hospital (what a saint!) and did NAET with her. After a few treatments, they did another scan and found no blockage….surgery not quite off the table, but a win so far. The next week after a few more treatments, the consultant did a scan and had trouble finding anything wrong with the aorta! (She has one more scan to make sure then that’s ticked off the list!)

2nd win, ever since the first NAET treatment, Jacinta has been more alert, like our other daughters were as newborns. Yesterday, the neonatal nurse looking after her said she’s never seen a baby so alert and interested in what’s going on! High praise for a regular baby but even more so for one with Jacinta’s physical challenges!!” ~ PH




Hi Kristen.

The ideas you have in your book not only apply to Down Syndrome.

My daughter has ASD. Since taking the supplements her behaviours and speech have improved so much that it has been noticed by the Kindy and Speech pathologist. It’s wonderful to see her progessing and interacting more.

I appreciate that you documented your journey and have chosen to share it with us. It’s so helpful for others who are on a similar path.

CL –  Adelaide, South Australia

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