Recommended Reading

NATURALLY BETTER is not just one child’s story, it’s like a directory with product reviews of natural therapies for all children – including those with and those without challenges. The book explains how various supplements are beneficial, what difference our diet can make to mood and function and which therapies can be helpful for any child’s growing brain. The book actually explains how the brain and nervous system works and why various therapies are of use, which is handy if you’re not a practitioner like most of us!


HOW SMART IS YOUR BABY by Janet Doman and Glenn Doman – this book actually explains the most critical milestones a child should go through in the first 12 months of life. Not only that, it explains how to help the child achieve these milestones, superbly.
If your child is NOT challenged, this book can help you assist the child to achieve their absolute best. and is a fascinating road map for the first year.
If your child does have some form of compromise, this book will show you how to establish if your child has met these milestones and if not, how to stimulate them to achieve these goals. For an older child with a compromise, these  milestones may not have been perfected, so again this book helps you assess if there is more work to be done on achieving these earlier milestones and how to do it.


WHAT TO DO ABOUT YOUR BRAIN INJURED CHILD, by Glenn Doman – This book explains the theory behind The Institutes methods, with case studies and explanations of what you can begin to do at home to help your child with special needs. This book gives hope that something can be done – by the parent, to bring about change and improvement for children with what The Institutes describe as brain injuries. This term refers to any kind of neurological condition, including Autism, Developmental Delay, blindness and Down syndrome, which affects the nervous system.


FIT BABY, SMART BABY, YOUR BABY, by Glenn Doman, Douglas Doman and Bruce Hagy – With this book, any parent can put together a program to help their child  – from birth to 6 years – to become fitter, stronger and wonderfully co-ordinated, with other benefits along the way like manual competence and improved balance.


With these 4 books, any parent of a young child with special needs can put together a program to help their child improve. Of course for a parent of a child without a neurological challenge, the Brain Injured Child book isn’t relevant but all of the others will be very beneficial.

Following on from these, the books How To Teach Your Baby To Read and How To Teach Your Baby Maths will similarly provide the parent with a simple method to begin teaching at home, a project which is LOVED by most kids!

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