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In Naturally Better, several modalities are explained in detail, including examples of how they benefitted our son. Now – a few years since publication, many parents from all over the world report how and why these modalities have been beneficial for their own young children – of all abilities.

As a result, we have a small but growing list of practitioners who support the approaches we have used.

This list will grow as practitioners are recommended by readers, but it already includes practitioners from several countries.

If you would like a copy of this directory, send an email.

32 thoughts on “Practitioner Directory”

  1. Hi,

    My name is Luba and I have been living in Australia for about 8 years, I think I am still just learning new culture and lifestyle. I do like to live in Australia I have to say. My daughter Bianka who is now 14 months old has Down Syndrome I just got to read your book ( I am reading now) and amazed what have you done for your son it just inspired me to the very high extend. I always was told when I say practitioners here that I have to reconsile with Biankas condition that she would only achieve this or that or that when for example I asked about her head not growing so well that I have to realized that she is and will be intelectually limited and disabled and probably do not have to tell you how much that hurts and somehow I felt is not right and do not want to accept that this has to be.
    Kristen would like to thank you for your book and all what have you done with your knowledge and energy and simply for the book which is the tresuare.

    I am seeing Maria just started (only if I would get to read book earlier) but hope many things can be still done for Bianka. But I do not have a contact for good osteopath maybe the one who gave you that wonderfull support. Do you think it would be possible to get contact from you? I do really appreciate. I did not finish reading your book just do what I can and I hope I can contact you in the future for more help and advice. I know you are very busy but not having family in Australia and just limited friends I hope this woud not be much bother for you.
    Please forgive my English I know is not the best one, but I am trying to learn as I go( just started when I migrated to Australia).

    Thank you very much and my best regard,


  2. Hello Luba,
    thank you for your message and encouragement. Well done on not accepting the negativity… so very much can be achieved for our kids!
    The 2 Osteopaths mentioned in my book are in Melbourne too (Nahla Khraim & Richard Wallis) – just google their names for clinic details. There is also very much more information in my blog posts for the past year, updates on Gryffin’s progress among them.
    I wish you all the very best with Bianka, it certainly is a journey for us all!
    my best to you,

  3. Hi there,
    Could I please have a list of your reccommended practitioners. I live in Brisbane. Thank- you so much – I have just watched the documentary. This is very exciting,


  4. Hi Kristen,
    I was just wondering if you could send me a practitioner list. I’m based in Melbourne and am particularly interested in the glyconutrients and the NAET. Still busy with your book and enjoying.
    Kind Regards,

  5. Hi there

    I would love a list of practitioners. I have just returned from Europe ( including participating in the Institutes 5 day seminar) and am very keen to find some practitioners in Melbourne who can help e with my developmentally delayed son.

    Kind regards

  6. Hi Kristen,

    I am in Brisbane and would love to get a list of practitioners from you to help my little man Ethan. I am also really enjoying reading your book at the moment I cant put it down!

    Thanks Nicole

  7. Hi Kristen
    I’ve just ordered your book, having discovered you over the Internet a few hours ago. I live in Melbourne and was googling Maria Colosimo as a friend of mine is seeing her and losing lots of weight and I am jealous! Anyway I saw references to you when googling her and am interested in your stuff as one of my sons has some developmental delays and we are going down the ‘natural’ path and it is really working for us. I would love to receive your list of practitioners and I look forward to your book arriving in the post.
    Best wishes

  8. oh, that’s great Tessa! Maria is a godsend… I will email you the list, but you’ll read all about our team in the book as well. enjoy!

  9. Hi, I would love a list of practitioners to help with our child – escspecially for the Brisbane region.

  10. Hi Jenene, I will send the file to you now. The Practitioners are only those who practice modalities discussed in my book – not sure if you’ve read it, but if you have questions you can email me from the contact page on this site. cheers, Kristen.

  11. Would love a list of providers. I am finding that they are rather hard to come by. Thanks, Brooke

  12. hi kristen
    can i pls have list of practitioner. we are in mulgrave, vic.
    i left your book in indonesia. we have just moved to melbourne this february. my son is 5.5 years old cerebral palsy. he now goes to glen allen special school


  13. Hi kristen, could u please send me ur list of practitioners, i live in adelaide. thanks


  14. Hi Kristen
    Could you send me a list of practioners that are in Queensland please, i live in central queensland – Gladstone.

  15. Hi Kristen
    I’d love the list of any Brisbane practitioners please when you have a moment. I really enjoyed reading your book. You are an amazing mum! Many thanks. Lynda

  16. Hi Kristen
    I am reading your book now. Having a 5 months daughter with DS, I find there is very little support in Sydney. Would you please send me the list of practitioners in Sydney? The medical professionals that I encountered so far failed to give me any solid recommendation on helping my daughter to be her best. Thanks.

  17. Hi Kristen
    I would love a copy of your practitioner list. I’m in Brisbane, and remember reading in one of your newsletters about a practitioner who had helped a child with hearing loss in Brisbane – I would love to get in contact with that particular pracitioner, or any others in Brisbane who may be able to help us.
    Many thanks

  18. Hi Kristen
    Would appreciate if you could please send me a list of practitioners in Qld. I live in Townsville, North Queensland.
    Many thanks

  19. Hello from the Pacific Northwest in Washington state, US!
    After devouring your book I searched for a local ND that would have the same attitude about our T21 wonders and found Erica Peirson in Portland, Oregon. She’s fantastic! Any others in this neck of the woods is always appreciated.
    Thank you for so very much, Kristen! Your spirit and tenacity are contagious!
    mum to Hans, (6mo.)

  20. Hi Kristen,
    Thank you so much for writing this book! The postman found me eagerly awaiting his arrival with it yesterday morning, and here I am at 1.30am and I’m finally through….I drank in every word on every line on every page. My 8mth old daughter has just been diagnosed with 18p deletion and I am determined that this will not be a life sentence for her. I would love a list of practitioners, I’m based in NSW.
    You have validated every hope and every fear.
    You are my inspiration.

  21. Hi Kristen, I too live in Brisbane and would love the list of practitioners. I’m reading your book at the moment and finding it very intresting and informative. Thanks for writing it.
    Regards, Ruth

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