Naturally Better – Ebook & Paperback

Information contained in this website is all related to the book – Naturally Better.

styling-pic-2-stack_lowres‘This book is an invaluable source for anyone wanting to tackle and conquer the myriad of challenges that our kids face.  Kristen has listened to her heart and followed her instincts in a holistic manner, on how to heal and assist her son in achieving his personal best! This family’s journey reminds us that we have the power to be the masters of our destiny and we instinctively know that there is much we can do that is not necessarily the road most travelled.’
Deborra-Lee & Hugh Jackman


naturally-better-cover-back-cover_lowresNaturally Better is available in 2 formats: Paperback or Kindle. Contents are identical in both versions, the only difference being that the Kindle version is only available with black and white photographs.

The Paperback edition is 368 pages long with a centre spread of 16 pages of full colour photographs.

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Kindle books can be downloaded in 2 formats – either for use with the Amazon Kindle e-reader, or – if you don’t have a kindle e-reader, you can purchase the ‘Kindle Cloud’ edition, which allows you to read Kindle books on a Windows PC or Mac using the Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browsers, on Linux computers using Google Chrome or Firefox, and on an iPad using the Safari web browser. You can even download a free app and read this version on your iPhone.
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