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Who doesn’t remember spending endless hours on the monkey bars at school? Honestly I don’t remember a day in my primary years when I didn’t swing from them; ’round the world’ flips off the monkey bars was a competitive sport when I was 8!

But where have they gone? Australian playgrounds are now populated with brightly coloured, twisted versions of the iconic monkey bar, these new ones having rungs too fat for a child’s hand to swing from. I don’t remember seeing more than one or two of the traditional straight framed ones in years.

It turns out that swinging from the monkey bars is actually a valid form of therapy! While swinging from one rung to the next, the brain works left then right in a perfect alternating pattern, which – from what I have learnt – is an important part of growing up – neurologically.

The Institutes For The Achievement Of Human Potential describe swinging from the monkey bars as ‘brachiation’.

“Brachiation is the ability to swing from rung to rung on an overhead ladder. This activity is extremely easy for a very young child and extremely difficult for an adult. It is a very valuable ability because it helps the child to create a bigger, better chest and as a result he breathes more deeply, regularly and maturely.” – Glenn Doman & Janet Doman, from the book ‘How Smart Is Your Baby’.

If you would like a fact sheet sent to you, send an email.

For any child, brachiation is beneficial but for a child with ‘special needs’ it can have extraordinary benefits as discussed in the books ‘What To Do brachiation-ladderAbout Your Brain Injured Child’ by Glenn Doman and ‘How to Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb‘ by Glenn Doman, Douglas Doman & Bruce Hagy.

(‘Don’t be put off buy the reference to ‘babies’ in these book titles, these methods are absolutely relevant for a child up to 6 years old – even older if the child has a neurological challenge.)

We are proud to have been authorized by The Institutes For The Achievement Of Human Potential® to build Brachiation Ladders for families in Australia, and we now receive enquiries drom all over the world. Look out for a flat-pack version designed specifically with international shipping in mind, on its way in early 2014.

The goal for our company is to help other families access resources for their children affordably, because we know how expensive it can be to do the kinds of things we have done for our son. Our price for these ladders is therefore very reasonable – and hasn’t gone up since June 2011!

Pictured here is our little man swinging on the first Brachiation ladder my clever husband made for a family here in Melbourne. The ladders are designed to be adjustable, so you can begin with your little child swinging while you hold him, and then once he or she has grown, you can lower the ladder to the ground so he can access it himself.

Joseph builds them exactly to the Institutes’ specifications an they are quite attractive in fact!

On the Grow Foundation website, we’ve published a success story about a girl who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder & Developmental Delay. Her family purchased a Brachiation Ladder and over the following 8 months, Allyssa achieved profound results. Her parents believe the Ladder helped her enormously. You can read Allyssa’s story here, well done Allyssa!

You can also see Gryffin swinging on his in our video of G at 6 years of age.

Several famillies have successfully had their Brachiation Ladders funded through better Start and other disability funding schemes. One Mum shared her experiences with us for the benefit of others.

A family in Canberra recently purchased a Ladder for their child, and had it sent by a transport company who charged a very reasonable rate. In fact, the quote from this company was less than half what we were quoted elsewhere…

The company is:

CK Interstate Furniture Removals 02 6851 6958

This is another company who also offered very competitive rates:

AUSWIDE VANLINES on 1800 554 661

We did look into supplying mats for the floor below the Ladders, but it ended up being easier just to pass on the suppliers details. Click here for info re a few recommendations for mats.

If you would like a fact sheet about our Ladders sent to you, send an email.


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  1. Hi there,
    Just got recommended by the institutw to your website, we are very interested in the ladder and live in melbourne. Would you please provide the cost.
    Many thanks,

  2. Re B ladder:
    I would like a fact sheet please.
    I would like to know its size
    And I would like to know the cost.
    How is the ladder fixed?
    How is the ladder lowered?
    Do you make shorter versions?
    Thanks & Cheers, Marlene

    Also are they made in Melb? Do those carriers serve melb ?

  3. Hi Marlene, I will send you an email in a minute. Yes, the ladders are made in Melbourne, the carriers do serve Melbourne. Cheers, Kristen.

  4. Hi Kirsten, can I please get a quote on a ladder so I can plan/budget.
    I am also interested in the dimensions.
    Many thanks,

  5. Hi Jenni, I will email you all the details separately. There have been a couple of successful applications for funding recently, so I will let you know about that as well. cheers, Kristen.

  6. Hi Kristen, can you please email me a fact sheet as well as price and dimensions for the ladder please.

  7. Hi Kristen, could you please email me some information about the brachiation ladders including dimensions and cost. We live in Melbourne. Many thanks, Tessa

  8. Hi Kristen,
    very much interested in the ladder. Can I please have the fact sheet and prices/measurements.
    Thank you in anticipation!

  9. We are really interested in your ladder. Could you please send me costs and measurements info. we live in melb
    Thanks so much

  10. Hi Kristen, could you please email me some information about the brachiation ladders including dimensions and cost.
    We live un Barcelona.

  11. Hi Kristen
    I am from India. Is there anyway I get the brachiation ladder? Do you know of anybody who supply it to us in India?


  12. hello, can you please send me the cost of your ladder, also size dimensions and what it is made out of. Is it suitable for outdoor or is it indoor only.

  13. Hi.

    I would like some pricing and dimension options for the brachiation ladder.

    Could you also please provide height settings and requirements for securing the ladder.

    Thank you


  14. Hi we have just being to Singapore and we would like to buy the ladder please contact my on 0410273405.
    Thank you

  15. Please, fact sheet and cost. Need to know package dimensions and weight to estimate shipping cost. How much did shipping cost to Canberra?

  16. Hi Kristen

    i am fr Singapore. Do u send to Singapore? if not, do u know anyone who we can approach to get the brachiation ladder?

    hope to hear fr u soonest poss. tks a lot


  17. Hi Kristen,

    I am from Singapore. May I know how much is the shipping cost to Singapore and how long it takes to reach Singapore. Thank you very much.

    Eng Leng

  18. Hi,

    Do you guys do delivery outside of Australia. We are in Malaysia.
    Are the equiptments adjustable and movable in case we move to other countries? Can we please have the dimension and size of the bracchiation ladder and price too? By the way what happens if we need the ladder before April? Is that a possibility?

    Thank you.


  19. Hi, could you please send me the dimensions and price for the brachiation ladder and the mat underneath. I am planning to buy one for my 1 and 5 year old.
    Thank you.

  20. Kristen,
    1- Please send a fact sheet on the ladder
    2- Also, do you sell crawling tracks?


  21. Hi Kevin – yes I will send it now and we can make the crawling track – let me know if you’d like a quote. Cheers, Kristen.

  22. Appreciate your help to furnish on details to ship the Brachiation Ladder to Singapore.

    Thanks… Regards, Joe

  23. Hi. I am interested in Brachiation Ladder. Can I know the size and how it works (for example, do we need to attach it to the wall)?

    Please reply me asap thanks!!

  24. Hi, Kristen, may I have the dimensions and weights of the Brachiation Ladder? I would like to see if I can put that inside the house. May I also know the price? I am from Sydney so will need to get a quote from the Removals you listed above. Thanks

  25. Hello, I’m interested in this ladder. Could you send me details and a quote please? I live in north QLD.
    Thank you.

  26. Hi Kristen,
    I tried clicking on the fact sheet email link but there appears to be an error. Would you mind sending a copy to me?
    Much appreciated

  27. I would like to know how I can repost a brachiation ladder for sale.
    This is a custom made ladder as per the Institutes specifications. It is 8 1/2 ft long and 6 ft high with muliple holes to set height for use .
    I live in Toronto , Ontario Canada
    My email if someone is interested is
    The ladder was made for my son who has Down syndrome however we moved while it was being made and could not use it at the new house .
    Thank you

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