kristen October 10, 2016

Every year, a team of committed, inspiring children participate in the Melbourne Marathon to raise funds for our chariity – Grow Foundation.

It started with a small team of kids from a handful of families – this year we have over 50 kids running for Grow!

These kids run 3km, 5.7km or 10km – because they want to help other children who can’t run, walk, see or speak like they can.
Some of them even set up their own fundraising efforts to help raise more – amazing!!


The team’s target is $20,000
We are nearly half way there!

Our son Gryffin will run 5.7km this year  – it’s his 4th time in this event.

Yesterday Olympian Tamsyn Lewis came to training to inspire the kids and they are very excited!


Gryffin chatting to Tamsyn Lewis

If you can spare a donation however small – even $5 puts a massive smile on the faces of these kids who have been training for months for this event!
Unlike some events where kids raise funds for charity, this takes dedication over many months, working toward a noble goal, and we are so proud of these amazing children!

Gryff has his own fundraising page – you can sponsor him here

But whether it’s Gryffin or any of the kids running this weekend, we are so grateful for your support!


To Health & Happiness,
Kristen xo

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