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On Immunisation
What a very controversial subject this is.

When Bronte was a tiny baby, I asked a parent friend of mine, whose opinion I valued, whether he had immunised his daughter.  He said that he wouldn’t tell me, that I needed to make up my own mind but that I shouldn’t tell anyone what I had decided – end of conversation.  I found this answer strange and unnecessarily secretive, but of course this made me think I should really do some research.

At the time, we were living above my retail store in St Kilda, a part of Melbourne with a colourful population.  I had Bronte in my shop and workroom with me most of the time and people were in and out all day.  Because of Bronte’s exposure to so many people, I decided to immunise her.  I left the shots until later than is usually advised, to let her body get stronger before giving her these horrible injections.  When Pelé came along, soon after, I was still unsure about the issue and so she had her first round of shots; by the time her second ones were due I had decided not to continue with either of the girls.  We were moving out of St Kilda by then and I had found out that homeopathic immunisation was an option to replace the injections I now knew to contain poisons.  I discussed this with many friends, some of whom as adults were fit and healthy having never had immunisation.

Our girls were rarely sick.  We went to the Naturopath periodically to make sure everything was tracking along OK, but apart from the odd cold, our little girls were strong as the rest of our clan.

Then Gryffin arrived, with his ‘manifest weak immune system’ and barrage of advices from just about everyone I spoke to.  My mothering confidence out the window, I thought that I should probably immunise him for protection.  Our Naturopath was adamantly against it when I told her.   She told me that there was evidence to suggest a link between immunisation and Autism… that she had seen many patients whose bodies and brains had been very badly affected by the heavy metals contained in the vaccines and she had helped them to undo some of the damage but why take the risk with a little guy who is already compromised?  People with Down syndrome are often on the Autism spectrum anyway… immunisation might trigger something which may not be presenting?  She gave me some literature to read, including the following:

  • Vaccines contain formaldehyde. ‘There is no safe amount of formaldehyde if being injected into a living human body.  It is a toxic substance and should be avoided at all costs’. Poisons Information Centre, Qld.
  • Vaccines contain mercury, a known brain poison which has been linked with many forms of brain damage and which is believed to be partly responsible for the 1300% increase in Autism (in developed countries) over the last 10 years (as of 2001).  Whilst the (Australian) government has licensed mercury-free and mercury-reduced vaccines, unless a parent specifically requests these newer vaccines, they will not be used until the old stocks are used up.
  • Vaccines do not guarantee protection from disease, furthermore vaccines such as polio, measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox are carried in the body for up to 90 days after vaccination and can be transmitted.  The only cause of polio in Australia for the last 30 years has been the polio vaccine.

So the decision was made; no vaccines for Gryffin.  And as I have explained, his health is excellent.

When Gryffin was 3 months old, the Paediatrician wrote to our family GP and included the following comment:

‘One area where I guess philosophically there is a difference of opinion is that of immunisation.  His mum is keen not to have him normally immunised and we have basically come to a compromise in saying that we know we have different perspectives.’

There is a school of thought that to not vaccinate a child is to put the rest of the population at risk; that those of us who choose not to immunise have the luxury of doing so only because of those who do; that if everyone on the planet were immunised there would be no polio, no diphtheria, no whooping cough, etc.  This is probably all true, but with all of our modern advances, could we not find a more humane way to protect our race than injecting known poisons into a baby at just a few weeks old?  I absolutely respect a doctor’s or parent’s decision to vaccinate, but as an untrained idealistic parent, I can’t help feeling that to  inject poison into a tiny baby’s body is more like a Human Rights violation than responsible parenting.

‘Homeopathic immunisation is effective against poliomyelitis, chickenpox, meningococcal disease, hepatitis (all types), Japanese encephalitis, Hib, influenza, measles, pneumococcal disease, cholera, smallpox, typhoid, typhus, whooping cough, rubella, mumps, diphtheria, malaria, tetanus, yellow fever, dysentery, and many other epidemic diseases. Communities around the world have used its protective effect for over two hundred years.

Homeopathic immunisation is safe for all ages. It protects babies through to the elderly and can even be used during pregnancy. It has none of the adverse reactions or side-effects associated with vaccines. ‘


Homeopathic immunisation is definitely worth looking at.  Some other sources of information on the subject are:

If your child has been immunised, there are things which can be done to help remove some of the heavy metals from their bodies.  A good place to start is to have a hair analysis test done, from which a report will be provided showing any areas which need attention.  A Naturopath can then help with these areas and strategies for improving health.



Click here to watch an interview with Dr Isaac Golden, PHD in childhood homeopathic immunisation.

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