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If there’s one thing I’ve learnt these last five years, it’s that one person, one organisation can make a difference. And when something like this letter arrives in my inbox, I think about just how many of us feel the same way and how we must work together to help bring about change in our world.

Homeopathy works. Thousands will testify to that. But right now Homeopathy is being attacked here in Australia, and one homeopathic clinic in NSW wrote the following letter explaining what we can all do to help. Thank you to Harbord Homeopathy for allowing me to publish this. And please, if you feel this is a fight work supporting, do write a letter. It all helps.

Dear friends of homeopathy,

You will in all likelihood have heard or read about homeopathy in the media recently. It is largely a part of an organised effort to discredit homeopathy, to reduce the practice of homeopathy in Australia and to prevent homeopathic education in Australian universities and educational facilities.

If you are concerned, want to show your support and ensure that your health fund will continue to rebate your homeopathic treatment, please consider the following:

Please write to your Federal Member of Parliament. Health is a federal issue and your Federal Member has an obligation to represent your concerns in Canberra.

Write to:

The Federal Minister for Health
Ms Tanya Plibersek
House of Representatives
Parliament House
PO Box 6022
ACT 2600

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is currently conducting an investigation into homeopathy in Australia. Homeopathic professional associations have made excellent submissions, and the NHMRC will make its decision some time in 2012. This may have implications for the provision of professional homeopathy in Australia. You may wish to write to the NHMRC.

Similar inquiries in the UK House of Commons and the Swiss government in 2010 concluded that homeopathy would not lose support.

Write to your health insurance fund – they provide your rebates and will only continue to rebate homeopathy if they know that fund members care about their choice of services.

If you’ve got the time and the space in your weekend please send off those three letters. If you’ve got a little time send at least one:)

Thanks for your ongoing support,

Warm regards,

from all of us at the clinic
Harbord Homeopathic Clinic
Brookvale, Sydney NSW.

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