Ralph Pelligra
kristen June 4, 2013

Australian Parents of children with neurological issues are preparing to arrive in Melbourne for a week of training to assist their own children’s brain development. Starting June 17th, the training will be presented by The Institutes For The Achievement Of Human Potential, a not-for-profit organisation based in Philadelphia, USA.

The Institutes’ Melbourne Team will include Vice-Director, Mr Douglas Doman – Author and son of the recently deceased founder of The Institutes – Glenn Doman. Mr Doman visited Australia in 2010 to present information sessions about this course but this time will be presenting the entire course, an Australian first.

Ralph PelligraAccompanying Mr Doman and the team is Dr Ralph Pelligra, Chief Medical officer of NASA Ames, one of NASA’s biggest installations in Moffett field, California. Dr Pelligra is a published expert on SIDs and seizures and has recently completed the development of The Institutes’ latest oxygen enrichment program, specifically designed to improve brain function in children with brain injuries and neurological issues.

Through their methods which have been developed and evolved since the 1950s, The Institutes have published extraordinary stories of success and improvement in quality of life for children with conditions such as cerebral palsy, brain trauma and Down syndrome. See examples at their website www.iahp.org.

Dr Pelligra will be representing The Institutes as a former Chair of the board of directors, current member and Chairman of The Institutes Medical/Institutional review board.

The course is called ‘What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child’, and is sponsored in Australia by Grow Foundation –


See Grow Foundation’s website for more information and to enquire about the Melbourne course.

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