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“I’ve read your book, I love it. Thanks for so many information that you gave.
All I want for my daughter now is to start NAET and giving her glyconutrients :D….
Again thanks a lot for making me see that I have many options to do to make (my daughter) well”
PU, Indonesia

“Kristen, when i started reading your book, i was hoping to get a couple of ideas… but i never thought i would get this much information from it! I’ve made the decision (just still need to fully convince hubby) to stop giving my kids conventional vaccines…. my daughter Maddie is due for her 18 month chicken pox vaccine soon, but i have now found a homeopath that will do the homeopathic immunisation for her…. I never even knew this kind of thing existed until i read your book! …. The possibilities seem endless….”
IB, Singleton, NSW

“I received your book 2 days ago and haven’t put it down since. I love it. I sincerely admire and respect you for the battle in the name of love. You prove that parents can change the lives of their children with patience, unconditional love and devotion. NO matter what medicine has to say, there is a way.
I’m so glad your little one leads a beautiful and healthy life.
Thank you for this wonderful, emotional, and so sincere book.”

Sandra Wolf, Florida, USA

‘This book is an invaluable source for anyone wanting to tackle and conquer the myriad of challenges that our kids face.  Kristen has listened to her heart and followed her instincts in a holistic manner,
on how to heal and assist her son in achieving his personal best!
This family’s journey reminds us that we have the power to be the masters of our destiny

and we instinctively know that there is much we can do that is not necessarily the road most travelled.’
Deborra-Lee & Hugh Jackman

‘Kristen has shown us that with caring, patience and determination anything is possible. In my clinic everyday I see the healing potential of medicinal herbs, nutrition and other natural therapies, but when it’s mixed with a mother’s love and a positive attitude, well, the result is the miracle that is Gryffin Morrison.’
Janella Purcell, Biggest Loser Nutritionist

‘EVERY PARENT should read this book to know the power they have to help their child be their best,
if they choose to exercise it!’
Nicky Partridge – former longstanding Vice President, Montessori Association of Victoria.

‘Our child’s life has been completely changed by this book.
The improvements we have seen already are just incredible.  We are so happy to have found it.’               
David & Melissa Avola

‘A good mix of personal and therapeutic description… very moving but very informative… this book is going to be SO INSPIRING to so many people.’
Diana Hill – documentary director & producer, UK

‘What can I say – it’s phenomenal!!  An incredible body of work…
This book has provided me with real hope that our little boy can achieve his wonderful potential + live a ‘normal’ life.  We have already adopted some of the approaches + are working our way through others.
I felt like I could really jump in + get started because Kristen has already trialled them on her little boy – something I am so grateful for.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it is such a wealth of information for any parent. I really loved the humanity shared throughout.’
Suzanne Hall – mother of new baby with Down syndrome

‘This amazing book is an absolute treasure chest…….’
Fiona Clarke – Integration Aide

‘Australian children are facing an epidemic of neuro-biological disease driven by nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. Naturally Better offers parents hope with real healthcare solutions that can help with ADHD, Autism, learning delay and optimal health for every child.’
Leslie Embersits, Director, Mindd Foundation

‘Her remarkable efforts—and those of Gryffin’s dad, their two older daughters, and their family, friends and Gryffin himself—resulted in the only thing that matters for hurt kids: RESULTS.’
Douglas Doman, Vice Director,
The Institutes For The Achievement Of Human Potential, Philadelphia

‘This book is a great gift to parents in general and to ones who are going through what we are specifically.’
Ronen & Fani Amitsour – parents of a young child with Down syndrome, Israel

‘In this book, Kristen opens her diary and shares with the reader the three year journey she has taken with her son, family, friends and the professionals from whom she seeks help.  To help other parents help their own children, Kristen generously describes each of these treatments and explains
how they have worked to assist her son.
Beautiful photos of Gryffin document the remarkable improvements he has made in his development.

Interestingly, Kristen’s pathway of discovery leads her to the very Institute that informed the pioneering work of the GymbaROO founder- Margaret Sasse.  No surprises that Gryffin is a keen GymbaROO attendee!’
Dr Jane Williams, General Manager Research & Education & Editor First Steps magazine,
Toddler Kindy GymbaROO

‘The pages of “Naturally Better”, turn themselves.  This is a beautiful story between mother and child that provides a road map to guide parents towards better outcomes for their children.  As a Clinical Psychologist, I am highly aware of the importance of health to a child’s mood, self esteem, peer relations, emotional wellbeing and intellectual functioning… and that healthy, happy children have a better chance of becoming healthy happy adults.  The love and humour in this personal story are palpable and I’m left feeling like I know Gryffin personally.
This is a must read for ALL parents.’
Dr Lisa Phillips-Leece – Clinical Psychologist

‘Kristen’s story is inspiring to say the least. I couldn’t put the book down. I learned a lot I had no idea about that I can also implement into our children’s lives.  Kristen explains in easy to understand language what desperately needs to be mainstream knowledge about what we can do for our children (and ourselves) for optimum health, to be able to reach our full potential. The information shared with the reader is essential to help you take a more proactive role in you and your family’s health and well being. Through sharing her heartfelt and inspiring story Kristen’s book will save you hundreds of hours and will change countless lives. Make sure you are one of them.’
Claire McFee, Author

‘I am very pleased to know that you were able to document your journey with your child from the beginning …I wish you all the best to help you reach as many parents as possible
to find better health for their children through your book.’
Dr. Devi Nambudripad, Founder of NAET

‘This extraordinary book gives inspiration and hope to all parents who want the best health for their children.
Kristen  left no stone unturned as she explored both mainstream medicine and natural therapies,
including nutrition, vitamins, minerals and osteopathy in her successful bid
to achieve optimal health for her young son Gryffin with Down’s Syndrome.
Bridging the chasm that separates theory from what actually works is a fantastic achievement. Well done!’
Dr. Peter Holsman, General Practitioner, Naturopath
The Well Being Institute of Australia

“I have referred as many people as possible to your book.  I did this either for their children or for themselves having even very minor body issues as the work you have done is also applicable to any number of problems a parent or individual may have who has reached a point of apathy deciding there really is no option but to deal with their problems as best they can. Your work shows there are solutions to even the gravest deterioration of the bodies functionality should you have the passion to succeed. Congratulations.”
Samantha Jewel, Author

‘I’m a father of a Down Syndrome kid.  In July 2008, when my baby is 9 months old, I attended a course in Singapore called ‘What to do about your brain-injured child’ run by Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP).  During that course, I met a lot of parents who has children categorized as a brain-injured children, like Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy etc.  One of the parent I’ve met is Kristen Morrison.   She has a Down Syndrome kid too.  She shares a lot of information and her own experiences dealing with her kid to me.  One of the useful info is about a supplement called ‘glyconutrient’ which has been given to her kid (a baby boy) from day 1 of his birth.  Also, she gives me a book which contains  a testimonial from a family with a Downs kid who experienced significant appearance changes (from Down’s face characteristic to normal) after having glyconutrients for years.  I am very interested to give glyconutrients to my baby and Kristen kindly helps me in getting this supplement since it is not available yet in Indonesia.  Since October 2008, my baby was starting to consume glyconutrients up to now.

Kristen also shares other therapy method called NAET which is useful to relieve allergens.  My baby started to have NAET treatment in place since March 2009.  By combining glyconutrients and NAET treatment, I have noticed that my baby’s healthiness is gradually improved.  Before having the treatment, once a month we usually visit a doctor due to a cold, fever etc but since then, there are no illness at all for almost 1 year.

My son is now 28 months olds and he is very enthusiastic to get walking. He is able to walk with one-hand support now. He can understand some instructions very well, follow many songs with a motion.

Thanks for your help.’
Eddy Tedjasaputra, Jakarta.

‘I write books about investing and money, they pale to insignificance when you read a story such as this.
This book is far more important.  It’s a book for anyone who has been told, “that’s just the way it is and there is nothing that can be done about it”—behold you have in your hands the answers.
Be prepared to be inspired for Hope is in these pages.
Having given Gryffin a life that others believed impossible, Kristen now shares her journey with you. Her courage and determination provide a model of excellence that can only be described as Saintly.
Read it and you’ll see.’
Tony Melvin – Best-selling Author

‘We were fortunate enough to discover Naturally Better when our daughter, born with Down syndrome, was only one week old.  Kristen’s wonderful book has been a great source of inspiration to our family,
and will be laying down the foundations for her future.’
Katya & Mark McCubbing

‘Dear Joseph and Kristen, Congratulations! Sometimes, God send us the company of these angels so that we use our talents to communicate and teach others, giving faith, hope and all manner of new feelings that allow us to go on because we see that it can be done. It is your consciousness that awakens others and at that moment you can say, THE JOB IS DONE!  All the best to you, enlighteners of other parents!’
From MH, fellow therapy mother, South America

Kristen, before your recent email, I had only known of you as a wonderful designer, (and boy have I missed your clothes :)), and now I hear that you are and amazing mother, humanitarian, researcher, and educator. I can not wait to read your book. I am so happy for you and your family and little Gryffin, that you and your husband have given all within your power to make your precious angel achieve more than his expected potential.
He certainly came to the right family.
Carly Owen

‘Your book will soon start to beat the drums highly.  Thank you so much for all the information and the awareness you bring to the world for parents who are desperate to find the right information to help their child with difficulties.
Bon courage et haut les coeurs!’
Francoise Nicoloff
Hear and Now – TOMATIS METHOD – SOLISTEN; Psychologist – RCTC   President IARCTC

Kristen’s pro-active approach to using traditional and natural therapies to get her son Gryffn to achieve his maximum potential is both inspirational and obviously working wonders. The book has heaps of easy to understand explanations of the heavy stuff associated with Down’s but most of all encourages every parent to take control of their treatment and help to ensure diagnosis does not automatically doom either the recipient or their family or carers.
My sincere thanks to Kristen Morrison for her generous gift (the book) which I will treasure.
Martin Wren, CEO of Nova Employment

What a wonderful job you have done Kristen with your lovely book “Naturally Better”.  I was looking forward to reading it but was so enthralled I could not put it down!
I would be so pleased if EVERY parent read your book and would have no hesitation in recommending it to my patients and anyone else who it may benefit.  I have witnessed first hand on hundreds of occasions how much of a difference optimum nutrition, including appropriate nutritional supplements as well as a variety of natural therapies has made for the individuals and families I am fortunate enough to assist with their health care.  Throughout my life I have been attracted to books which are epic tales of triumph over adversity – yours fits into that category completely!  Your story is inspiring, moving and empowering for the reader. The way you share the journey which your family has undertaken to help Gryffin to optimum health and vitality is easy to read and understand and the reader is left with the knowledge that there is much that can be done ourselves to help optimise the health of all children and create the best future possible for them healthwise.

Congratulations on being such a trail blazer!
Wendy Dumaresq, Medical Herbalist, Natural Fertility Management Counsellor

‘I’ve only had a chance to read a little of it so far, but am finding it hard to put down, an incredibly inspirational story & parents everywhere are very fortunate that you have taken on the responsibility
of  ‘duty of care’  & shared  your remarkable results with the world.’
Zsuzsa Kovacs, Director Kidzeat

“Kristen, it is amazing how life changes……’s when we go through our struggles  that makes us better people…….it’s the journey of the struggle that ends up making us feel so good about ourselves…..the struggle raises our awareness, our self-esteem and our self-confidence…….AND creates a life of deep meaning, joy and gratitude.   That’s why children with Downs, in my opinion, are old souls who chose to come that way because they are people who love everything and everybody……they are full of love and goodwill to their fellow man……..humanity’s need for love and peace is as you know of paramount importance for our planet.  Children of the world need parents like you…….who will become warriors and advocates for changing the western medical establishment’s authoritarian stance in world medicine…….the ripple effect is enormous…….it changes people’s attitudes, teaches families how to deeply honour and love each other…….to awaken innovation in our education system, children’s rights………for Mothers to confront the Scientific establishment ………mother’s are natural observers/analysts/researchers/experts of the potential of small humans……..the unknown and unlimited capabilities of the human brain……….and the ripple effect goes on and on.”

Sharon Bettiol, Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine


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