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Sarah Davies, BA, RCpN, BN, Post Grad CMHN.

This book is a breath of fresh air. I worked for 8 years in disability services and it was apparent that the disability was the thing that defined the treatment of these people. Through Kristen’s tireless research, she has given Gryffin the best start to life and has shown that people should not be defined by their disabilities. I only hope that all people in the disability field read this book and reflect on their practice. It can only make a positive effect for the people that they work with if they do!!


Director, Little Innoscents – certified organic skincare, Dip. Health Sci (Remedial) (Melb. Institute)

When many parents turn to despair as a result of finding out that their child has a disability or learning difficulty this one family combats that emotional turmoil, to look beyond traditional medicine to find answers for their child.  Kristen tells a tail as a passionate advocate for allowing the body to work well naturally.  She has shared her experiences and record keeping with us to help other families understand that there are alternative solutions with an open mind and extensive research beyond traditional medical boundaries.  Kristen is a true inspiration and has proven what many alternative professionals have known for years.  Gryffin is living a better life naturally and let this be an inspiration to other families.

General Manager Research and Development, GymbarOO

Naturally Better is a true, heart warming story of a family faced with the surprise of a much wanted son being born with Down syndrome.  Kristen opens her diary and shares with the reader the three year journey she has taken with her son, family, friends and the professionals from whom she seeks help.  Within days of her son Gryffin’s birth, Kristen launches herself into what some refer to as the ‘alternative’ treatment path – nutritional supplements, massage, neuro-developmental exercises, reading programs, swimming, osteopathy, OT, and physiotherapy amongst others.  To help other parents help their own children, Kristen generously describes each of these treatments and explains how they have worked to assist her son.  Beautiful photos of Gryffin document the remarkable improvements he has made in his development.  Interestingly, Kristen’s pathway of discovery leads her to the very Institute that informed the pioneering work of the GymbaROO founder- Margaret Sasse.  No surprises that Gryffin is a keen GymbaROO attendee!

Clinical Psychologist, Cert Nursing; B.A.Psych; Hons Psychology; M.Psych.Clin; Doctor.Clin.Psych; M.A.P.S Member

Naturally Better is a book about a beautiful boy.  But it is also much more.  It’s a book about a mother’s love and a family’s dedication.  It is also a comprehensive resource made available to the fingertips of all parents who want their children (challenged or not) to be “Naturally Better”.

As a mother myself who has, at best, only dabbled in natural interventions for my son who suffers with chronic and severe eczema, I now know what to do with all those potions in my pantry.  I have had first-hand experience of how the very treatment (western medicine) of my son’s condition brought about a more life threatening illness (adrenal gland suppression) that almost killed him this year.  As such I was keen to read Kristen’s book.

Kristen Morrison’s 3rd child, Gryffin was born with Down syndrome.  But, this malady did not stand in this mother’s way of giving her baby a wonderful start to life filled with the advantages of health and normality, unconditional love and emotional wellbeing.

Kristen Morrison is a remarkable woman, mother and writer.  The pages of her book “Naturally Better” turn themselves.  In her book, she makes learning about the availability of natural interventions for all children so easy.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I see families regularly who struggle with children who have serious diagnostic, developmental and behavioural challenges.  I am highly aware of the importance of health to a child’s mood, self esteem, peer relations, emotional wellbeing and intellectual functioning.  I am also acutely aware that healthy happy children have a better chance of becoming healthy happy adults.  Kristen provides parents with a road map to guide them towards better outcomes for their children.

The psychology used between Kristen and Gryffin is remarkable … “your body has a problem … let’s work together” is a beautiful story between mother and child… a beautiful relationship.  Kristen treated the cause not the symptoms.

Kristen shares her incredibly insightful decision to withhold Gryffin’s diagnosis from friends for some time, because she knew the emotional impact that the potential influx of mournful letters of commiseration about Gryffin’s arrival and chromosomal makeup would have on her dear little boy.  How sad for Gryffin to be looking through his memory box as an adolescent or a young adult and read about how sad people were about his arrival and his genetics.  Kristen lovingly and astutely protected him from having to experience this negativity.

As Kristen points out, what Gryffin needs is unconditional love just like any new born baby, not woeful looks and attitudes.

Kristen generously exposes herself to the reader about her issues of grief, guilt, need for support, when to tell her child about his condition, and the importance of Gryffin’s physical appearance for integration and social acceptance, in all it’s rawness.

Despite being faced with negativity and dismissiveness from medical professionals (e.g. being told by a paediatrician “[you] need not waste money on Omega 3’s … instead [you] would be better buying [your] family a big plasma TV because the next few years would be really rough”) Kristen did not give up on her little boy.  Instead, she ravaged all available information, knowledge, resources and services in search of the healing combination.  While reading this book I was reminded of the story of “Lorenzo’s Oil” in which the mother embarked on a similar journey of research and scientific trials in order to help her son.

Throughout this book, Kristen’s love and humour are palpable.  This book is a must read for all parents.  It is up there with Dr Greene and Kaz Cooke.

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine

“Kristen, it is amazing how life changes……’s when we go through our struggles  that makes us better people…….it’s the journey of the struggle that ends up making us feel so good about ourselves…..the struggle raises our awareness, our self-esteem and our self-confidence…….AND creates a life of deep meaning, joy and gratitude.   That’s why children with Downs, in my opinion, are old souls who chose to come that way because they are people who love everything and everybody……they are full of love and goodwill to their fellow man……..humanity’s need for love and peace is as you know of paramount importance for our planet.  Children of the world need parents like you…….who will become warriors and advocates for changing the western medical establishment’s authoritarian stance in world medicine…….the ripple effect is enormous…….it changes people’s attitudes, teaches families how to deeply honour and love each other…….to awaken innovation in our education system, children’s rights………for Mothers to confront the Scientific establishment ………mother’s are natural observers/analysts/researchers/experts of the potential of small humans……..the unknown and unlimited capabilities of the human brain……….and the ripple effect goes on and on.”

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