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It isn’t often I would recommend a book to every parent but this one is just the inspirational story we all need to hear.

It started in 2006 when Kristen Morrison gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Gryffin, who was later diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Instead of accepting that her son would have difficulties throughout his life, Kristen decided that he would lead a normal life.

She takes you on her journey to ensure her son has a normal, happy life and does not accept the opinions of those who doubt her son’s ability to live a normal life. Years later Gryffin is actually developmentally more advanced than most children his age with no disabilities.

While the book specifically focuses on Down Syndrome and natural treatments tried, the overall nature of pursuing what you believe in is the part I think is worthy for everyone to read. Her story is not new, parents and children have achieved extraordinary things in the past by pure determination and belief in themselves. A notable example is Napoleon Hill’s own child who was deaf but learnt to hear through vibrations in his bones and from that also learnt to speak.

No matter if your child is perfectly healthy by medical standards or has a difficulty, success in life is only brought about by what you believe in and how determined you are to succeed. This book illustrates it perfectly and is a great read. Kristen uses natural remedies and therapies to help her son and it is a great testiment to see these work.

Please share this with any parent you know. I really do think this is a book every parent must read.


In Naturally Better, Kristen Morrison tells her story since the arrival of Griffin, her third child who was born with Down Syndrome. She explains how her family changed their lives to provide the best possible start for Griffin and how they defied various medical professions’ odds by choosing appropriate natural therapies for him.

While following Kristen’s journey, I felt like I was a close friend and she was telling me about her life. Kristen has this was of making you feel like you are there watching everything unfolding and I feel extremely grateful to have been given that privilege. I cried, smiled and laughed while following along, feeling sadness, understanding, anger, frustration, pride and great happiness during all of Griffin’s setbacks, hurdles and exciting achievements.

While we use a range of natural therapies with our family, I learned about new therapies that could benefit our son and will be including these into his daily life. I experienced my own ‘a ha’ moments while reading about Kristen’s and as a mum could relate to a lot of her ‘mother’ emotion. The photos of Griffin make me smile and I feel like this special little boy arrived to teach the world that all is not always as it first appears to be and we can move mountains if we truly believe we can!

Naturally Better is a fabulous insight into the world of one very special family and all families could benefit from the wealth of knowledge to be found inside. Kristen makes a great statement that sums up what being a parent is all about – regardless of your circumstance:

“Be the best parent you can be. Make informed choices. Enjoy being a parent! That’s all we can hope for.”

Thank you Kristen, Joseph, Bronte, Pele’ and Griffin for sharing your story – you have changed my life forever xx

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Kristen Morrison is a mother so like most of us. Blissfully anticipating the arrival of her third and much considered child, not giving much, if any, thought to potential complications. Baby Gryffin arrived and with him, came the life altering reality that he has Downs Syndrome. “Naturally Better” is the story of Kristen’s unwavering belief that she had the power and the instinct to heal her child using natural therapies. Taking the road less travelled, she embarked on a journey of educating herself, trusting her instincts and building a team of natural health practitioners to accompany and support her family, as, step by step, they began to heal.

Predominantly a memoir of Gryffin’s first 2 years, the book is also a starting point for other parents faced with similar challenges, (some may say gifts/opportunities), who wish to undertake similar therapies. While the book contains detailed and precise medical and scientific information, written in easy to understand lay person terms, Kristen acknowledges that it is not a substitute for medical advice, nor does she offer any guarantees. Kristen’s goal is to inform parents of their success using alternative medicine and encourage an informed choice when making decisions about your own child’s health.

This book demonstrates incredible courage and dedication it takes to reject the notion projected by mainstream health providers that your child will be anything but totally ‘well’. It only takes a chapter or two to realise that this certainly isn’t the easy way out, (how many of us can imagine trying to feed a newborn supplements by pasting them on our nipples before breastfeeding?)

Her holistic approach uses the following synergy of therapies for Gryffins recovery, all of which are explained in theory and practice, along with the results they provided:





NAET – a form of allergy relief treatment

Nutritional Supplements


Programs by the ‘Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential’

While it is inspiring to read of the family’s victories, I would like to have read a little more about the harder times, the reality of incorporating such labour intensive therapies into day to day life. She hints at feeling the loss of her ‘self’, her husband’s work related absences, and her daughters occasional issues, but doesn’t take this beyond a paragraph or two. I would, I think, have felt somewhat more connected to the author had she shared these stories. Reality got a little lost amongst the exclamation points.

That can really be the only mild criticism I can offer. Whether you believe the therapies they’ve used have made the difference, or it was ‘just good luck’, there is no doubting the commitment and passion Kristen has employed to give her son the best life possible are more than admirable. Their story will certainly lead many parents to become more educated health consumers for their children.

I have been moved to tears by Gryffins story, (the letter from his Grandmother is particularly moving), and had my scepticism challenged on nearly every page. As a family, we choose to go down the alternative path more often than not when it comes to healthcare. It is absolutely affirming to read of another family taking that commitment to the nth degree. So often it can feel like swimming against a very strong tide of criticism. If your interest in natural therapies only extends to a vitamin C tablet when you have cold, then perhaps this isn’t the book for you. However, if you are willing to open your mind and truly listen to the story, putting your inner sceptic aside, I’ve no doubt you will come away with nothing but respect and perhaps, a little more faith that, as parents, we have an opportunity to create a bright, vibrant future for our children.


The book was written by a mother.  But not just any old mother, a mother of a young son with Downs Syndrome.  It is their story about coming to terms with Down syndrome and the courses of action she and her family have taken to give this little boy the best possible life, Naturally.

Even though my children do not have Down syndrome, I found this book to be very interesting and actually quite eye opening.  I have always been a fan of homeopathy and natural remedies; but, often slip into the habit of running to the drug store for a bottle of Advil or other name brand product.  After reading Kristen’s book and learning more about the benefit of homeopathic remedies and the harm that every day drugs can do, I’ve decided to use homeopathic drugs as often as I can.

I was completely moved by the author’s dedication to her son and her family.  Her positive attitude and determination to give her son the best possible life is truly inspiring.  I love the personal notations from her diary that are included throughout the book.  While the book gives a generalized account of their life during the first few years, the diary entries seem to make it more personal somehow.

I also found it very helpful to visually see the changes in Gryffin that are mentioned in throughout the book.  For me, seeing is believing and it is astounding to look at the photographs included in the book and actually see what a change living naturally has made in this young boy’s life.

Kristen Morrison and her family are incredible for sharing their story and their successes.  I highly recommend you read Naturally Better and learn for yourself how you can “naturally” raise your children; and yourself!

To Kristen Morrison and her family, you are truly remarkable and I wish you continued success in your treatments with Gryffin and in life.

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I almost didn’t finish this book. Kristen Morrison makes me feel totally inadequate, she is the best mother around and totally puts me to shame. I was feeling incredibly inadequate and depressed about it, but I managed to soldier on and I’m glad I did.

Morrison was a fashion designer and designing a range of women’s wear for pregnant women when the family decided to have another child. Gryffin was born with Down’s Syndrome and Morrison decided to give up her career and spend her time researching the best ways to help him and then putting them all into place. With a loving, but often absent, husband and two very helpful girls, Morrison put together a programme and then put it into action, she continued her research and continued changing the programme as it needed as well as putting together a medical team consisting mostly of alternative approaches to medicine. At the end of the book Gryffin is three and a half and has the outcomes of a normal child for his age; except he can read.

Morrison sent me this book to review and I’d read her website before I agreed to this so I had some idea of what to expect, but while reading the book I was totally taken aback by the enormity of the task she’d set herself. When Gryffin was born there were very few cases of positive outcomes for Down’s Syndrome people, Morrison was told to buy a decent television and ensure Gryffin was comfortable, it’s such a good thing she didn’t listen. She and her mother spent enormous amounts of time on the internet combing through so much chaff to find the wheat. She was not medically trained and had to learn and understand many, many medical terms. She had to learn and understand the programmes she was putting into place and in so many cases she had to devise her own programmes and document them. Gryffin has a regime that would daunt most people and he just meets it all head-on as does the rest of the family. The older girls helped out a lot and their school friends would come around and help fill in the gaps in the programme.

So, that’s the content of the book and the content just blows me away. I don’t think I can say enough nice things about it. Morrison has defined most of the medical terminology she uses, she has written in simple language so anyone can understand what they’ve done and she’s written it all quite simply and in a straightforward manner. She’s given examples of the programmes and detailed the medication/dietary supplements both she and Gryffin took. There is one little problem and that is the editing, it would benefit from a good editor but it’s still quite easy to follow and understand. I can honestly say I understand the problems families with Down’s Syndrome people face far more than I did before.

I’m going to recommend this book for anyone, not just for parents who are faced with the challenges that life holds for those with a Down’s Syndrome baby. I think it’s about time we all learned a bit more respect for these families.


I came across a fantastic book titled Naturally Better by Kristen Morrison. This book is about Kristen and her family, their ongoing battles that they face in finding natural ways to help her son who has Down Syndrome.

It is such a inspirational, heartfelt and empowering story that you will just keep on reading and won’t be able to put it down. Kristen has written this book that is easy to read in much detail about her feelings and experiences she faced whilst doing a lot of research and therapies for her son. This book shows every parent that with courage and determination,  there is a lot that can be done ourselves to help the health of all children and create the best future for them. Kristen only wants what is best for her son, and so she has used every resource she could in finding how to best help her son without drugs but rather with natural methods.

I highly recommend this book to ALL parents – a must read, a beautiful story about a mothers love for her child, the lengths she has gone to get help and find what is best. This book is about her personal opinions, research, findings and thoughts that she has written and expressed. She is a mother who is a warrior and advocate for natural therapies, that have helped her son.


Kristen Morrison has written a book called : Naturally Better.    In it she describes the ongoing battles she and her family has faced in finding an all natural way in help her son who has Down Syndrome.  In her shear determination in not listening to those nay-sayers and not settling for anything but the best for her son,  Kristen describes in detail her feelings and experiences during the course of her research and the therapies her son went through.  Not wanting to put drugs and unnatural chemicals into the son she loves so much, she has used every available resource she could find from the library, internet searches, and talking straight to doctors in the field in finding how best to help her son heal.  She helps explain in layman’s terms the medical definitions and shows diagrams in helping others understand more clearly.  She shows the regimen of supplements that she put her son on and the pros and cons of each.

Even if you are privileged enough not to have a child with Down Syndrome, I would still highly recommend reading her book for if nothing else than the connection of one mom to another.  Is she a doctor?  No. In the book she shows how her love for her son pushed her into not giving up on him. It is her personal opinions and thoughts that she has put down and at no time does she claim that her way is the right way for anyone else.  Only that there is another way than the standard drugs given and lack of hope for the better.  Because there is always hope and new information developing all the time. The pictures shown that illustrate the physical changes that happen as he was growing up, prove that natural healing processes that he is going through works for him; and it is her hope that she might be able through her book to help others by connecting people with the support groups and programs that are available.  Go get your copy today.

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I wish Kristen Morrison’s book, Naturally Better was around when my children were diagnosed with numerous food preservative /colouring  allergies and intolerances, as well as some mild learning difficulties several years ago. It was so daunting trying to find out what was ‘wrong’ and working out what course of action was best for them. We ended up going down the Natural route as well with profound results. This prompted me to think how many kids are out there with even mild behavioural and learning issues that could be resolved using these types of strategies. Natural Health solutions are not rocket science when you look into it but we need to be empowered and encouraged to consider them and utilise them by mainstream Health Professionals. Kirsten’s story is inspiring to say the least. I couldn’t put the book down. I learned a lot I had no idea about that I can also implement into our children’s lives.

In her book Naturally Better, Kristen explains in easy to understand language what desperately needs to be mainstream knowledge about what we can do for our children (and ourselves) for optimum health, to be able to reach our full potential. The information shared with the reader is essential to help you take a more proactive role in you and your families health and well being. Through sharing her heartfelt and inspiring story Kirsten’s book will save you hundreds of hours and will change countless lives. Make sure you are one of them.

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