Author’s Disclaimer
On this website, the Authors provide information compiled from our forums and correspondences, including comments made by parents and health professionals over a three year period. Whilst compiling this website, the Authors have not done their own research or consulted medical advice to verify the accuracy of each piece of information or success story. No warranty or representation is made that any of such information or references is free from omission or suitable for your intended use. No assurance is given and no reliance should be taken that any statement contained in the information or references relating to medical matters are true, correct, precise or up-to-date.

The information is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon. It is not intended that the information or references be used in place of professional medical advice from a qualified health professional.  The Authors recommend you exercise your own common sense and seek the advice of an appropriately qualified professional health-care practitioner depending on the severity of the circumstances and the urgency warranted by the circumstances of a person to whom this subject relates.

The Authors do not accept liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising from any errors or omissions or misrepresentation contained in any information or reference on this website. It is common sense that even if a statement on this website is accurate, when made about a medical matter, it may not apply to your symptoms or those of a person to whom this subject relates. It is for this reason that the Authors strongly advise you to seek your own prior medical advice about any medical matters contained in this website that you may wish to apply.

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