kristen_bioKristen grew up in country Victoria, a child of artistic free-thinkers – her father an architect, her mother a drama student with a knack for dyeing and spinning wool.  Country life makes a person resourceful by necessity, and it was here that Kristen’s mother taught her to sew.

Kristen’s fashion career began at 13 when she sold a few of her own designs in Melbourne’s Greville St, Prahran.  At 18, she started an accessories business with a friend, supplying major department stores and womenswear chain stores around Australia.  She then moved into the women’s apparel market where she designed her own brand of womenswear and maternity wear. A childrens’ range completed the collection which was sold nationally.

During her career as designer and stylist, Kristen dressed many celebrities including Kate Ceberano & Natalie Bassingthwaighte’s character on Neighbours.


When Kristen’s third child was born, she and her husband were devastated to find that he had Down syndrome.  Faced with the traditional bleak prospects for her new baby’s diagnosis, Kristen embarked on intensive research of natural therapies and implemented many of them with her son.

“When Gryffin was born there was no treatment plan offered for him; So I searched for available therapies for maximising his development potential, and was amazed by what I discovered.  The past 3 years have been by far the most challenging of my life, but we now watch Gryffin blossom into something more than we dared to hope for in the early days, and I am compelled to share this knowledge.”

Having found that her newly-acquired knowledge applies to all children, she has embarked on a new career – as an Author & Natural Health Advocate.

Kristen, her husband Joseph and their three children live in Melbourne.

“Kristen, before your recent email, I had only known of you as a wonderful designer, (and boy have I missed your clothes! ), and now I hear that you are an amazing mother, humanitarian, researcher, and educator. I can not wait to read your book. I am so happy for you and your family and little Gryffin, that you and your husband have given all within your power to make your precious angel achieve more than his expected potential. He certainly came to the right family.’ Carly Owen